mercredi 18 mars 2009

Dragon Rouge 06 : Floorplan

Je viens de terminer le prochain floorplan pour le magazine de jeux de rôles Dragon Rouge. A mon avis, il y a du siège et de la baston dans l'air !

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Anonyme a dit…

The samples of your floorplans are beautiful! Is there any way to get them other than buying the magazines? [4E D&D in French wouldn't be too useful for me :) ... but nice maps are always fun!]

PS - I really like the work you have been doing for Paizo/Pathfinder!

Christophe Swal a dit…

Hi there!

Presently there is no way to have those floorplans without buying the magazines. But I have talked to the publisher and I do hope you will find them shortly on the publisher website, totally free... But you will haver to print them, however!
Have a glance sometimes there:
And thanks for the praise! ^^